At Highways England we’re committed to listening to our customers and acting on the feedback we receive. By completing this survey you’ll be helping us to make improvements in how we manage and respond to customer correspondence and complaints.

We will not share any of the information you provide with any other organisation in such a way that can identify you. It will be held securely with limited access and it will only be used to identify areas for improvement.

Once the final analysis of survey results is complete, this information will be destroyed.

* 1. In what capacity are you completing this survey?

* 2. What was the reason for your contact with Highways England?

* 3. Was this the first time that you have contacted us about this specific issue?

* 4. How easy was it for you to contact us?

* 5. How satisfied were you with the timeliness of our response?

* 6. Did we provide an answer to all the issues you raised?

* 7. Did you understand our response?

* 8. How clear was the language used in the response?

* 9. How satisfied were you with the tone of our response?

* 10. Overall, how satisfied were you with our correspondence service?

* 11. If you have any further comments or suggestions then please use the space below:

Thank you very much for completing this survey, your time and comments are greatly appreciated.