Researching the teaching of drones on journalism/media courses at college and universities

This survey aims to assess the current level of teaching about drones / UAV / UAS on journalism/media courses. It looks at
content, research and predictions on how and if such teaching might increase. Like many drone flights, it should take about five minutes to complete. If you have any questions please email Thanks, @philchamberlain

* 1. Name of teaching institution

* 2. Type of teaching and courses - tick all that apply

  Are drones the sole or principal subject of a specific module? Are drones part of the teaching of a module? Do students fly a drone? Do students observe a drone being flown? Do students only study critical theory of drone use?  Don't know or another department uses drones
Undergraduate or college journalism/media
Postgraduate journalism/media
Undergraduate/Postgraduate other courses (eg aeronautics)
Continuing Professional development / short courses for media use 
Continuing Professional development / short courses for general use

* 3. Teaching content - tick all that apply

  History of drone use Legal (media law/privacy etc) Legal (CAA/FAA regulations) Ethics Media applications How to fly How to build/adapt Military/police/government use
College / undergraduate programmes
Postgraduate programmes
Continuing professional development / short course

* 4. Teaching content - if you wish, please add further detail on current or proposed teaching content

* 5. Research - tick all that apply

  In your department In another department Don't know N/A
Do you have a research centre studying drones?
Do you have PhD candidates studying drones?
Do you have staff and/or post docs studying drones?
Is any drone research unfunded or part of general curriculum development?

* 6. Who owns your drones

  Yes No Don't know
Do any staff in your department have their own drones?
Do any staff use their own drones for teaching / research?
Do any of your staff use drones for professional purposes outside of teaching/research
Does your department own its own drones?
Does another department own its own drones? 
Does your department make/modify drones?
Does another department make/modify its own drones? 
Do any staff in your department have a drone pilot's licence?
Do any staff in another department have a drone pilot's licence?

* 7. Pilot's licence

  Yes No Don't know N/A
Have you or any staff in your department a licence to fly drones?
Have any staff in another department a licence to fly drones?
Are you or any staff in your department considering getting a licence?
Have you or the staff in your department already decided against a licence?

* 8. In the next three years do you predict that...

  Very likely Likely Neutral/unsure Unlikely Very unlikely Unlikely but think it should happen 
Your department will increase the teaching of drones for media use
Your department will have a drone specific module
Your department will increase the current size of its drone fleet
Your department will own its own drones
Drone knowledge will be a significant factor in recruiting a member of staff 
Your department will offer a specific qualification on drone use
Your department will offer a continuing professional development or short course
Your department will have attracted research funding for studying drones

* 9. Any other comments you would like to make...

* 10. If you are happy to be contacted for follow-up questions please put your email address below