Purpose of the Survey

Clayton le Moors Prospects Panel are hoping to secure funding to carry out towpath and environmental improvements along the stretch from Blackburn Road Bridge to Pilkington Bridge.  To help with this we need community support and opinion about the existing conditions and use. Please help us achieve this by completing the survey 

* 1. How Often Do You Use the Canal Towpath?

* 2. Why Do You Use the Canal Towpath (please tick all that apply)

* 3. In Your Opinion, Do You Consider The Canal Towpath Between Blackburn Rd & Pilkington Bridge To Be

* 4. Could the Canal Towpath Environment be Improved?

* 5. What Areas of Environmental Improvement Could Be Made? (please tick all that apply)

* 6. Would Environmental Improvements Increase Your Use Of The Canal Towpath?

* 7. Do You Think Environmental Improvements Would Encourage Others To Use The Canal Towpath More?

* 8. What Town Are You Visiting From To Use the Canal?

* 9. Do You Consider Yourself To Have A Disability?

* 10. What is your Gender & Age Group ?