Thank you for agreeing to take part in this important survey which aims to measure the effect that Covid-19 has had on you and your business. 
Earlier this week, the Federation of Small Businesses revealed that a third of Scottish small businesses which have shut down during the Covid19 outbreak may never re-open.

The FSB survey of 5,471 UK small business owners, including 758 in Scotland, found that 53% of Scottish firms had been forced to close since the beginning of the outbreak, compared to 41% on average across the UK.   Of those which have closed – both in Scotland and across the UK – 35% are not sure whether they will ever reopen again.

Okay, we admit that makes very bleak reading. 

However, with any challenge, there is opportunity.
Here at Women’s Business Station (WBS), our ambition and passion to support you in your drive to build a business, big or small, is stronger than ever!

We are looking to establish the impact of Covid19 on our audiences, gaining a clearer picture of how YOUR business (or your plans to start one) have been affected by the pandemic and how our approach, as your cheerleaders, might need to change as a result.

This survey is anonymous and  should take no longer than 7-10 mins.  Please be reassured that your information and data provided will be kept confidential.  The results will be collated into a report which will be shared with WBS members, our stakeholders, funders and may form part of our communications in the weeks ahead.


Thank you in advance

Angie De Vos

WBS Founder

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* 1. Impact
Has the coronavirus pandemic had a positive or negative impact on your overall business operations?
* additional: comments: please reply in as much depth as you can, comparing the situation pre-pandemic to now

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* 2. Challenges
What challenges has your business experienced as the result of coronavirus? Select all that apply.

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* 3. Government Support Packages in response to Covid-19
From the list below, please indicated which support packages you have had success with. 
If you have been refused or you have discovered that you are not eligible to apply, please indicate this in the comments section below.

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* 4. Diversifying and Unexpected Wins
Have you had to diversify your business to assist with cashflow? If so, what steps have you taken and what unexpected wins have you discovered? 
(perhaps you have delivered your service virtually, reconsidered your business plans or launched a new product or service entirely)

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* 5. How has Women’s Business Station supported you during Covid19?  (please give examples of how we have helped you and the difference that help has made)