Welcome to myaware's survey

Myaware and its members have been through significant challenges over the last eighteen months and we would like your input to help us improve our current services and plan for the future.

We are keen to hear your views on matters relating to the pandemic and how we can improve our support services. We really do value your opinion and if you could take the time to answer the questions on this survey we would be very grateful.

This survey is entirely anonymous. However, if you would like us to contact you regarding any of your feedback, please feel free to complete the contacts section at the end of this survey.

You can access this survey via a link on our website: www.myaware.org 
The closing date for submission is Friday 21st January 2022.

If you have received this survey by post, please return the completed survey in the FREEPOST envelope provided by Friday 21st January 2022.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.