As Police and Crime Commissioner I set out the priorities for South Yorkshire Police to deliver.
The priorities emerge from the conversations I have with members of the public and are published in my Police and Crime Plan.
The Plan is refreshed annually to keep an eye on any changes in demands on the police.
Cyber Crime is one of those changes and to help me better understand the ways in which it is affecting people I invite you to complete this short survey.
Thank you.
Dr Alan Billings
South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner 

* 1. On an average day, how much time do you spend online?

* 2. What do you use the internet for? (tick ALL that apply)

* 3. Have you been a victim of attempted or actual cyber crime? (tick ALL that apply)

* 4. Who did you report it to?

* 5. Why did you not report it?

* 6. Did you take any other action, e.g. change your password?

* 7. What action did you take to protect yourself online (tick ALL that apply)

* 8. Please state where you live

* 9. What age group are you?

* 10. What is your gender?

* 11. What is your ethnicity