The Importance of Ethics and Values in your Professional Work

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CILIP is undertaking a major review of professional ethics and, in particular, of the Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Practice for Library and Information Professionals it produced in 2005. In the years since they were published there have been great changes in the profession driven by technological development, changes in information governance and regulation, the growing importance of data and its management, new professional roles and responsibilities, and changing user expectations. For much of the period the financial crisis has also meant limited funding for many services and big changes in governance and service delivery. This survey, which is one part of the review process, looks at the place of ethics in the working life of individuals today. It explores the issues that information professionals face and whether ethics has a place in helping to address them. It also looks at the Ethical Principles (set out in the survey) and their relevance for today’s practitioner. Later in the year we will be following this up with a more qualitative survey exploring more deeply some of the issues and challenges raised in the early stages of the Ethics Review.

Unless you offer to be a participant in a second survey the responses to this survey are anonymous. However some sensitive personal data is requested (on an optional basis). All personal data is being collected and used for the purposes of the CILIP Ethics Review and the data will only be published in aggregate and in a form where no individual is identifiable.

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Policy Team
June 2017

* 1. Are there values or ethical principles you wish to see upheld within the Information Professions?

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