* 1. How do you currently interact with Dorset Humanists? (Tick all that apply)

* 2. How regularly do you attend the talks and presentations?

* 3. Participation: We are always pleased to receive offers from members wishing to become more involved. Would you be interested to help in any of the following?

* 4. What subjects would you like to see Dorset Humanists cover in the talks programme? (If you have a specific topic or speaker in mind, please include details in "other"

* 5. Do you think there is more we could do to reach a wider audience locally?

* 6. How did you first hear about Dorset Humanists?

* 7. Are you a paid up member of Dorset Humanists? If no please indicate reason. 

For just £15 a year (£5 for students/on benefits) you can join gaining all the benefits of being a member, plus you will be helping to further our Humanist reach with public awareness and building our own community. Please visit our website for further details, or pick up an application form at our next event.