Welcome to the mid-sized church survey!

Mid-sized churches are churches with average adult weekly attendance between 20 & 60. They make up:

·        One third of churches in the Church of England

·        20% of Church of England worshippers (almost 200,000 people)

·        over 5000 churches

·        urban, rural, outer estate, suburban and town parishes with a population of 16 million.


Until now, little work has been done specifically directed at mid-sized churches. If we can discover what enables these churches to survive and thrive, then both the national church and dioceses may be encouraged to invest more resources in these churches. That's why we need your help.


You have been invited to participate because our data shows that you are leading a church in this category. Your contribution will help to identify the resources and sources of support that these churches and their clergy have found most helpful. Specifically, we wish to understand what resources can be most closely linked to numerical growth (or not). Therefore when answering whether something has been 'helpful' or not, please answer in terms of whether it has been helpful in terms of numerical growth and attracting new people into faith.


We recognise that there are other types of growth, and that healthy churches may not be growing numerically for many reasons, so we invite you to complete the survey whether or not you have experienced numerical growth in the last few years. We need a wide range of clergy to tell us their experiences.


Thank you for your time!

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