We value your opinion on our Flexible Connections service and would like to hear from you on how we might better meet your expectations and improve your experience with us.
Therefore, we invite you to complete this short customer survey.
The survey is broken down into seven core stages of a typical flexible Connection customer journey with a couple of questions within each stage.

Here are the seven core customer journey stages:

1. Trigger - I have identified a site that suits my needs
2. Research - It falls within UKPN's area/remit and I research what I need to do
3. Application - I submit an application so that I can understand costs and implications
4. Quotation - I receive an offer that best suits my needs and will maximise my revenue
5. Acceptance and Delivery - My application is accepted and work is carried out so that I can be connected
6. Energised - I am now connected under ANM, I receive regular information and any issues or queries I have are resolved in a timely manner
7. Decommission - I decide I no longer want to be connected under ANM
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