What is Pass It Along??

This is a collaborative jewellery challenge.
Based on the ideas of a game of consequences / chain letters - the plan is that participants will be linked together in groups of 3 and create jewellery as a tag team - each person taking a turn, as a way to challenge and inspire new design ideas and unexpected combinations of materials and techniques.
This is not a commercial venture.
There are no expenses paid, no salary, and no re-imbursement of costs is available. The time you invest in the project and the materials you choose to buy / use are your own choice, and your own responsibility. You can work with whatever materials you choose, but for the project to work out, everyone must take their turns and ensure their jewels are moved along the line.
What will happen -
  • You will be grouped with two other jewellers and put in touch with each other.
  • Think - 'Pass the Parcel' within your group of 3 - You will each start making a piece of jewellery.
  • At the first deadline, you will pass the piece (not yet finished) to the next person.
  • You will receive a started piece from someone else in your group that you must continue working on.
  • At the second deadline, you will pass this second piece along (still not finished).
  • You will receive a third piece from the other person in your group and you must now complete this and make it wearable.
  • Once the piece is completed, you get to keep it and photograph it - share the images of the completed jewel with all the rest of us, to add to our online exhibition.
  • Work with the overall group to put together a 'real life' exhibition or printed catalogue/booklet of the pieces created at the end of the challenge. (This will be decided during the project and the costs shared equally between participants)

To see what happened the first time this project ran (Spring 2016) - have a look at http://passitalongproject.weebly.com/

This sign up form is needed to collect the details needed to co-ordinate the swaps and the project. Information entered here is used and stored solely for this project and will not be shared elsewhere.

Any applicant that is excited by the idea, available and willing to join in and have fun challenging their design ideas and process is accepted - student, professional or amateur.

The information collected here will be used in the following ways;

Name & social media info is needed so the group of active participants can connect amongst ourselves.

Postal address is needed so that jeweller/s you are grouped with can pass on their work to you and vice versa. It will not be shared with anyone else or online. Please ensure this is a valid mailing address where you can securely receive parcels as the project will rely on the postal service to move the jewels between collaborators.

Pass It Along - Collaborative Jewellery Challenge
This is not a commercial project or organisation – it is a ‘just for fun’ project.

Co-ordinated and initiated by Penny Akester, London UK