Welcome to Stronger Together Survey

Stronger Together Network would like to map  and scope the level of activity, engagement and awareness across NI of people with and without ethnic minority background who are working in or involved in any aspect of community based activity in the fields of ethnicity, diversity and equality.  
The information collected will be treated with GDPR compliance and results of the survey will be  used for strategic planning of Stronger Together activities and presented to relevant government departments to inform their policy and planning.

Due to limited resources the online survey is available in English only, however we will be conducting language specific focus groups to gather information from those for whom English or (IT)literacy is a barrier.  If you would like to facilitate such session within your community or a particular group you are working with please get in touch with us on info@strongertogetherni.org

Please also feel free to share the survey among your contacts.

Thank you for participating in our survey. We really appreciate your feedback.

Stronger together Network is funded by PHA and TEO MEDF.