Bourn Parish Council has been been provided with £10,000 in 'green energy' funding following the installation, several years ago, of the Skylark Solar Farm in Bourn. We are at liberty to spend the money on one single project or a series of smaller projects with the proviso that benefit and value is provided as widely as possible to Bourn residents.

Ideally, the funding should be linked to initiatives that promote energy saving. This may be widely interpreted to include things from the installation of energy saving devices on Parish Council property, encouraging cycling, promotion of footpaths, and so on. We would like your views on how you think this money should be spent. These will be taken into consideration by the Parish Council when we meet to determine the use of this funding in November 2017. 

* 1. Please confirm that you are a Bourn resident by entering your address below (please note that responses will only be considered from those living in the village):

* 2. There are a number of areas in which the funding could be used and we have listed several examples below. Given the choice, would you prefer the funding to be used for:

* 3. If you already know what you'd like the funding to be used for, please provide as much information as possible below.

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