This survey is being carried out on behalf of the parent council of Auchtermuchty Primary School - Supporters of Auchtermuchty School (SAS) - with regard to Fife Council’s decision to abolish the head teacher position at the school and instead install a head teacher that is shared with Strathmiglo Primary School.

As a collective we are are appalled at this decision. The way it has been communicated leaves much to be desired and the lack of consultation demonstrates a contempt for pupils, parents and carers. We feel that the timescale has been rushed and rationale for the decision is without merit. This is a cost saving exercise which, in our view, can do nothing but undermine the education of the young people who attend Auchtermuchty Primary School.

Please take a few moments to provide us with your feedback.


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* 1. Are you:

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* 2. Are you aware that Fife council intend to abolish the Headteacher role in Auchtermuchy Primary and replace it with a joint Headteacher post which will also have responsibility for Strathmiglo Primary?

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* 3. The council did not consult with parents before making this decision, either directly or through the SAS and their representatives.

Do you think the council should have consulted parents/carers before advertising for a combined headteacher between Auchtermuchty and Strathmiglo Primary schools?

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* 4. The reasons given by the council for appointing a joint head are:
1. Shared good practice and learnings
2. it’s an appealing role for a strong leader
3. It will provide stability.

Do you believe these are good reasons?

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* 5. The reasons the Supporters of Auchtermuchty School (SAS) are not in favour of a joint head are:

1. Auchtermuchty Primary School and Strathmiglo Primary School jointly contain in the region of 250 pupils making this a very large group of pupils for any one head teacher to manage.

2. The policy of abolishing teaching head teacher positions at schools in Fife has been mentioned as one of the reasons for this changed role. As the head teacher at Auchtermuchty is not currently a teaching one anyway, this policy has been wrongly applied to Auchtermuchty.

3. Strathmiglo and Auchtermuchty Primary Schools are different schools with very different challenges and a head teacher must be on site to address the particular situations of each school.

4. We have been advised by Fife Council that the proposed new, shared head teacher role will be an appealing one that will attract a strong leader. In practice, this has not been the case, with the first round of applications attracting insufficient applicants and the second round of applications failing to attract candidates of a strong enough calibre to allow the process to continue.

5. This shared role will negatively impact the existing staff.

6. This decision has been rushed through with no consultation in advance with parents.

7. We have not been provided with the educational rationale and needs analysis for this decision.

8. The proposed head teacher role will not be supported by a full time depute head teacher at each school. This does not provide enough support for this changed structure.

9. The decision has been made because of the retirement of the incumbent head teacher at Strathmiglo Primary School and the fact that the head teacher position at Auchtermuchty is currently held by an acting head teacher: convenient timing and costs rather than the required educational needs of Auchtermuchty Primary School.

10. A shared role with increased movement between the two schools may spread Covid-19.

Do you agree with these reasons?

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* 6. Do you agree or disagree with Fife councils proposal to abolish the single headteachers post at Auchtermuchty Primary School?