This survey  
This survey is part of a service review commissioned by the Welsh Government for eating disorder (ED) services in Wales. We want to know from you what is good and bad and what change you'd like to see. We will also be running Design Workshops across Wales in the Spring and again in the Autumn 2018 for people to help us design a better service that works for everyone. If, after this survey, you are interested in attending a Design Workshop near you, please contact the team for more information.

Why have I been invited to take part, and what will it involve? 
We want to hear from people who have/had an eating disorder (however mild or severe, whether current or in the past, or types of treatment), their families/friends and those who try to support them such as, teachers, nurses and social workers. To join in this study, you must be (or have been) a resident of Wales, and be 16 years old or more. This survey will include questions regarding personal experience with healthcare services for eating disorders in Wales. 

Will my personal details be confidential and can I leave the survey at any time?
The findings will be used as part of a service review report for the Welsh Government where it will have direct impact on service development in Wales. The findings may also be published as research and presented at conferences. All personal information will be confidential and anonymous throughout and after the study. Any personal data, such as your email address etc., will be securely saved to an encrypted USB, which will be password safe, and locked away.

Please only answer the questions you feel comfortable with, it is absolutely fine to skip questions. If at anytime you wish to remove yourself from the research findings, you can do this prior to publications, by contacting the team.

Are there any risks?
Thinking about illness and treatment can be upsetting, if this is the case please seek support, there is a list of suggested support at the end or feel free to contact us to discuss this.

Any questions or concerns? Please contact the team - our details are listed at the end of the survey.
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By continuing with this online survey, you are providing informed consent to take part in the study.
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* 1.
  • I understand that my participation for this study is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw at any time without giving any reason
  • I understand that all data collected will be published in a service review for the Welsh Government
  • I understand that all data collected will remain confidential and anonymous throughout the service review
  • I understand that all collected data will only be accessible by the team involved in the service review

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* 2. I am over 16 years old

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* 3. I agree for the data to be used in research, published in academic journals and presented in conferences in anonymised form