Universities UK (UUK) and National Union of Students (NUS) are working together to address degree attainment gaps by ethnicity. This is a significant issue in higher education. To help inform this work we are calling for evidence from institutions and student representatives across the UK to determine what attainment gaps exist between students of different ethnicities and how this can be addressed more systematically through collaboration, through learning from best practice in different institutions and understanding the challenges BME students face. Our interest is as much about changing culture as in changing policy and practice. 

The questions below are designed to help us understand: what data there is and how it is being used; factors contributing to ethnicity attainment gaps; interventions made and their impact; identifying gaps in practice; challenges in bringing about culture change; the existence of barriers to undertaking work to address these gaps and finally, whether further evidence is needed.

The responses will inform a series of evidence sessions, bringing together university leaders, staff, students and other stakeholders, which will be held across the country in the second half of 2018. We will also produce a report summarising our findings later this year.

This call for evidence is aimed primarily at practitioners and staff at institutions providing higher education. The NUS have issued a separate call for evidence intended for student representatives. In responding to the questions below, we are primarily interested in UK domiciled undergraduates. However, where interventions to address ethnicity attainment gaps are in place for other groups of students, for example international students, we would also like to hear about this.

The survey will remain open until 1 August 2018. Early responses will be much appreciated and extremely helpful in informing the evidence sessions.

At the beginning of the survey, we ask for your institution and the contact details and position of someone in the institution we can get in touch with if we would like to follow up on any of the information you provide. Your responses will not be shared outside of the relevant UUK and NUS staff without us contacting you first. We are also keen to use this call for evidence to gather case studies and we have included the option for you to opt-in to this at the end of the survey. Even if you opt-in, we will still get in touch before using any information publicly, to check for accuracy and that your institution would be happy to be used as a case study. 

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If you have any questions about completing the survey, please contact Emily Darian on A PDF version of the full survey can be found here

Thank you for taking the time to complete this call for evidence. Your feedback is important to understanding and addressing degree attainment gaps by ethnicity.