Class Rep contact Form 2016-17

Dear Parents/Carers,            

The role of the Class Representative (Class Rep) is to be the link between the teacher, families and the Parent Council (PC) for each class. The teacher might ask the Class Rep to organise helpers to come into school for an activity, to find volunteers to help with a class outing, or to pass on information. The PC asks the Class Reps to forward emails regarding PC events and information. The Class Rep might also, if parents would like, organise occasional nights out for parents or fun activities for families to join in outside of school.  They might also organise collections for teacher’s gifts if parents wish.  These activities are optional and parents / families can take part if they wish.

In order for your Class Rep to do their jobs, they need your contact details.

Compliant with the Data Protection Act, we are required to gather this information annually.  We also need you to agree to share your contact details with other parents from your child’s class.  You will therefore obtain the details you may need for organising play dates, birthday invitations etc, or for just getting to know the other children and parents from the class.  If you are happy to provide your personal details for this purpose, please do so below, then tick the box at the bottom and submit.
Thank you!

I give permission for my class rep to share the information above within the families in my class, as described above.

Thank you - your class rep will be in touch with their own contact details using the email address you provided.