Please provide feedback on the Year 8 Induction Activities

* 1. I attended the Induction Evening in June.

* 2. The Induction Evening in June was helpful in getting to know pupils in my collect.

* 3. The Pupil Booklet given out on the Induction Evening helped me know what to expect in School at the start of the new term.

* 4. The Year 8 Barbeque and Fun Night helped me to meet new people.

* 5. The Induction days at the start of term helped me to find out more about the School.

* 6. The Activity Day at Castlewellan Forest Park helped me to get to know others in the year.

* 7. The activity I enjoyed most was …..

* 8. I feel that I have settled well into Friends'.

* 9. I feel that my Collect Teacher is helpful and caring.

* 10. I feel that my Mentors are helpful and caring.

* 11. What else do you feel we should do to help new Year 8 pupils settle into School?