Rhino Electives 2020/2021 Application

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries is delighted to continue a new sponsorship scheme for UK medical students undertaking electives abroad or in the UK.  Each grant will be £400.

The Society appreciates that, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it may currently be difficult for students to plan electives abroad. Therefore for the present round of applications the Society will waive the requirement that an elective should be carried out in a country where there is or has been an indigenous rhino population. It will be acceptable for the proposed elective to take place in the UK. The Society will welcome creative ideas that still address the principal purposes of an elective, including travelling to a new institution for an experience that benefits the student and the local population.

To be eligible, candidates must be:

·         within the three final years of their medical student training.

·         undertaking their electives between March 2021 and April 2022.

To start, please answer 5 multiple choice questions about the Society of Apothecaries.  Answers are available on our website: www.apothecaries.org 

If you answer these questions incorrectly then your application will not be reviewed. Please then complete responses to points 6-16.

Applications close on 31st December 2020 at 23.59 GMT.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Question Title

* 1. When was the Society founded by Royal Charter?

Question Title

* 2. The Society of Apothecaries won a legal suit against the Royal College of Physicians (The Rose Case) legally allowing an apothecary to prescribe and dispense medicine. In which year did this occur?

Question Title

* 3. The Society of Apothecaries was the first medical organisation to formalise medical education. This led to a change in the law empowering a Court of Examiners to grant a License to practise medicine throughout England and Wales. In which year was the Apothecaries Act passed?

Question Title

* 4. The first woman to qualify as a medical doctor in the United Kingdom gained her licence from the Society of Apothecaries. Which one was she?

Question Title

* 5. When on the timeline was the earliest record of Livery Companies?