The Climate & Ecological Emergency poses significant risks to the conditions we all depend upon, but tackling it offers many opportunities to improve our quality of life while shaping a city and surrounding area to be cleaner, greener, healthier, and fairer for everyone. 

Successfully addressing the challenges of the Emergency needs the support of all Stirling Council area residents, as well as action by Government, Councils, other public and voluntary organisations, and business.  As Stirling Council develops an area-wide programme of activity to support and encourage partner, business and community action, officers need to gain a better understanding of how local people view the challenges and opportunities of the Emergency to encourage everyone’s involvement.

The Council is beginning that community engagement with this survey to gauge the level of support for a range of actions that individuals, the Council and our partners could take.  We also want to understand the barriers that prevent people from making changes that would benefit everyone.

This survey invites citizens to provide their views on the Climate & Ecological Emergency.  Your feedback is invaluable and we will be using the findings to guide our ongoing engagement and delivery programme.