Fledgling (6-10 year olds) and Apprentice Groups (11-14 year olds)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this quick survey.
Your input be anonymous and will help us to continue to inspire and engage your children in STEM in a way that helps you to achieve your home education goals.

* 1. What is your current experience of our home education groups? (Tick all that apply).

* 2. If your child has attended, how would you rate the overall experience of the sessions? (Please skip question if not attended)

  Very dissapointing  Poor Good Excellent Outstanding
Overall enjoyment
Educational experience
Engagement in STEM
Skill development
Value for money

* 3. For our future sessions, how would you rate the importance of the following to your requirements?

  Not important Quite important Important  Very important Extremely important
Sessions reflect the content of the National Curriculum
Sessions provide STEM expertise we cannot provide at home
Sessions provide STEM experiences we cannot provide at home
My child is inspired and excited by STEM
My child spends time working in a group
My child learns transferable skills (teamwork, resilience etc)
My child makes something they can take home
My child has the opportunity to meet working scientists 
My child broadens their understanding of the range of STEM careers available
My child has the opportunity to use scientific equipment

* 4. This survey is anonymous, but if you would prefer your name to be known, or if you have any further comments or suggestions please enter them in the space below. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.