* 1. What year group is your child/ren in at this school? Tick all that apply

* 2. What does your child/ren usually eat for lunch? Tick all that apply

* 3. How often does/do your child/ren have a school lunch?

* 4. Which of these affects your choice on whether or not your child has a school lunch? (tick all that apply)

* 5. Overall are you satisfied with the quality of the school lunches?

* 6. If your child does not have a meal what could we do to change that? (tick up to 2)

* 7. Would you like the option to try a school lunch?

* 8. Do you receive enough information about the school lunches?

* 9. Does your child/ren have any dietary requirements?

* 10. Do you have any further comments to help us improve our service?

* 11. Please provide your child's school and contact information below