1. Which primary School catchment area do you stay in?

2. How many children do you have in each category?

3. If you are using your 600 hours free Early Learning and Childcare (some 3 and 3-5 year olds) what type of service do you use?

4. Do you use any services for your childcare requirements? (select all that apply)

5. What do you consider to be important when choosing a childcare provider (select all that apply)

6. If you use early learning and childcare services please indicate the reasons ( select all that apply)

7. It is eanticipated that children will be entitled to 1140 hours of early learning and childcare (some 2 and 3-5 years olds) per year in 2020 ( 30 hours per week if taken over 38 weeks). If this was available to you, would you take the full entitlement of 1140 hours ?

8. How would you use your 1140hours should it be available to you? ( some2 and 3 -5 year olds)

9. If you have primary aged children and require childcare, what do you require?

10. would you like to make any other comments