The UK Badger Cull and Bovine TB

I am a second year A-Level student studying in Nottinghamshire. I am partaking in the Extended Project Qualification (a self-motivated project in which the participant undertakes research to write a 5000-word report). I am looking into the advantages and disadvantages associated with the UK Badger Cull to prevent the spread of Bovine TB and looking for an opinion from all members of the public about this relevant topic.

Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease of cattle. It is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis) which can also infect and cause disease in many other mammals including humans, deer, goats, pigs, cats, dogs and badgers.

Badger culling has been predominately adopted to prevent the spread of Bovine TB. Culling is a method used in parts of the UK to reduce the number of badgers and thereby reduce the incidence and spread of bTB that might infect humans. Once an animal has contracted bTB, the disease can be spread through the sett via the exhalations or excretions of infected individuals.

All results to this questionnaire will remain anonymous.

* 1. What is your occupation?

* 2. Please tick the appropiate boxes for the following questions.
How informed are you on the UK Badger Cull?

* 3. How much does the issue of the spread of Bovine TB concern you?

* 4. What are your views on the Badger Cull?

* 5. Which category is affected the most by the UK Badger Cull?

* 6. Please write in the box below: What in your opinion is the biggest problem with the UK Badger Cull?

* 7. For the following question rate from 1 (Least Concerning) to 5 (Most concerning) how concerning the following implications of the Badger Cull are to you.

  1 2 3 4 5
Cost to the taxpayer
Effect on badger population
Cost to industry
Benefit to farmers
Reducing zoonosis (transmission from animals to humans)
Effect on economy
Effect on wildlife

* 8. It has cost the United Kingdom £500 million in the past ten years to research and control Bovine TB. Which of these statements do you agree with most?

* 9. Write in one sentence, your opinion on the UK Badger Cull.