About Stronger My Way

We are excited to share the testing link for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Stronger My Way campaign with you.


We spent over a year talking to people living with a health condition to find out more about what would encourage them to do strengthening on a more regular basis.

Based on those discussions, the campaign features advice and guidance on how to get started and includes stories from people who have found strengthening improved their quality of life.

We also ran a parallel process with CSP members and other stakeholders to find out what support you needed to enable behaviour change among your patients.

The site features evidence, training and resources to support those interactions. 

Your feedback will help us to improve the hub - we want this to be as effective as possible so your honest comments are welcomed.

Thank you for your time to help us, please take a look at the hub using the link above and spend as long as you are able answering the questions.
14% of survey complete.