Report your child's absence online by 8:15am

To report your child's absence online please complete this form by 8:15am on the day of the absence . The from should be      completed on a daily basis whilst your child is absent from school. Please provide a doctors note if your child has been absent from school for more than 3 consecutive days. Thank you.

* 1. Please complete your details below.

* 2. Relationship to child.

* 3. Please state your child's name (please complete one form for each child).

* 4. Please tick your child's class teacher.

* 5. Please state reason for your child absence. Please check the school website under can my child attend school if they are complaining of some common ailments e.g. slight cold or tummy ache?

* 6. Dear parents and carers, we will be moving across to the new Parentmail PMX system where you can report your child's absence and this survey monkey link will cease.  As from September 2017 (Autumn Term) this link will no longer be available.

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