The piano(s) in your life

Please help us to design a useful, innovative and striking piano by answering 10 questions about how you use and experience pianos. If you wish to add anything, please use any of the answer boxes to do so. Thank you for taking part and if you'd like to stay in touch, sign up here.

* 1. Please describe your piano-life: if you have a piano at home and where it is, where else you play, if you play professionally and any other details you wish to add (e.g. if you teach, how much you play).

* 2. Please describe the best and worst characteristics of pianos you've played and if/why you have a favourite piano brand.

* 3. Do you ever wish you could have a different piano? Describe in adjectives, or more detail if you wish.

* 4. Have you ever moved a piano, or had one moved for you? Describe in adjectives, or more detail if you wish.

* 5. Has owning a piano ever restricted you e.g. when considering where to live, or where to house it?

* 6. Have you ever played ‘inside’ the piano (e.g. using the strings directly to make sounds)? If so, a) what did you do (briefly) b) did you find it comfortable and c) how did it affect your playing/music-making?

* 7. Imagine putting your head in the ideal spot to listen to a grand piano and describe where that is.

* 8. Please tick each statement you agree with.  You can give more details in the final box if you wish.

* 9. Our solution: a 'vertical grand' piano. With the strings exposed and running straight up vertically from the keyboard, a vertical grand piano sends its sound ‘straight out’.
Vertical grand front view
Using wood and modern materials to reduce weight and improve portability, this big-sounding piano would have the footprint of a normal upright. With the action behind the strings, the format facilitates playing ‘every part of every string’ 
in an ergonomic way, allowing the player to maintain contact with the keys and pedals and to stay seated. 
What do you think of this idea?

* 10. If this piano was on sale, how much do you think it would be worth and at what price would you buy it (these might be different!)?  Finally, please give us any adjectives for how you'd want this piano to look and here you can also share your own ideas for piano innovation if you wish.  Thank you again for your time!