We are looking to rent our very first, 24/7 access dedicated Makerspace. To do so, we need to have a good idea of committed membership amounts to be able to make sure we can complete a rental term.

Please fill out the questionnaire to pledge a membership amount.

Please note: We are currently looking at having a group of "core members" who are willing to pay a larger amount of money to ensure the success of the space. Our calculations put this at about 14 members paying £50 a month for the term (12 to 18 months), with the proposal that this could be incentivised somehow or the amount dropping as new memberships come in. This would be fantastic if you could commit to this, else please specify an alternative amount (less, or even more!) of what you can pledge.

If you have any comments or suggestions on incetives or anything else, please add them at the end of the page.

* 1. Please enter your name (preferably with your online handle, if any, in brackets):

* 2. How much would you be committed to spend on a Makerspace membership each month? £50 a month is what we are aiming at - i.e. your membership and sponsoring a future membership to be filled later at £25 - to get the space started and dropping when we have enough members, but please feel free to pledge any amount you like.

* 3. Would you consider paying for this up front (i.e. in one, or part, lump sum)?

* 4. If so, please add any details.

* 5. If you are looking at a committed membership period of less than 12 months of membership, please state the period and any reasoning (e.g. 6 months, moving away).

Please add any comments about membership, pledges or otherwise.