This section provides questions about your interaction with DMU and DSU as a student.

* 1. How important do you think your personal commitment to your course is, including attending seminars and lectures?

* 2. Optional Comments Box

* 3. What does it mean for you personally to be committed to your course? 

* 4. How important are the services provided for personal and professional development?

* 5. Optional Comments Box

* 6. What University services have you been able to take advantage of? 

* 7. How important is the Student Code of Conduct to you? 

* 8. Optional Comments Box 

* 9. What do understand by the term 'Student Code or Conduct'?

* 10. How important do you think Personal Tutoring is? 

* 11. Optional Comments Box

* 12. What has been your experience with Personal Tutoring?