Welcome to My Survey

Thank you so much for participating in our survey. There are a number of questions in this year's questionnaire but we really want to know how you, as our parents, think we are doing. We want to do well for your children and make sure we hold true to our main purpose of "Shining" in our community. Your answers will be used to contribute to next year's school improvement plan and as such you can really have a voice in making a difference here.
If you feel that there is something specific you want to tell us, there are opportunities after each section to comment. I would urge you to do this especially if you have answered 'Disagree' or 'I don't know' to anything. We cannot respond positively if we don't know why you are unhappy. Your responses are completely anonymous, all we ask is that you are a CURRENT parent of a child in our school.
Last year some people commented that if they have more than one child in school, they might have different experiences and would like the opportunity to comment as such. If this is the case, please feel free to complete a new survey.
I look forward to receiving your responses and thank you in advance.
Sue Blyth