At the OBR, we are conducting a review of the Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO) - the publication we produce to describe our forecasts.

We're keen to hear how you interact with our publications on Budget day, particularly what you get the most value from, so we can ensure our future EFOs meet your needs.

This survey is anonymous but if you would like to discuss your views further or offer direct feedback, please email

It should take only 5 minutes to complete this survey.

Question Title

* 1. Why are you reading the EFO? (choose multiple)

Question Title

* 2. When do you read the EFO (tick all that apply)?

Question Title

* 3. On average, what proportion of the chapters of the EFO do you read (tick one column in each row)?

  None Some About half Most All
Executive summary
Chapter 2 - Economic outlook
Chapter 3 - Fiscal outlook
Chapter 4 - Performance against fiscal targets
Annex A - Policy measures
Annex B - Major balance sheet interventions

Question Title

* 4. What other OBR content if any do you view, read, or download to supplement what you find in the EFO (choose one column in each row)?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often
Video summary
Presentation slides and speaking notes
Charts and tables data
Supplementary tables
Online databases and databank
Devolved taxes forecast
Twitter feed

Question Title

* 5. If you’re looking for a fact or figure, where would you search (choose one column in each row)?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often
Text in the EFO
Chart or table in the EFO
Downloadable spreadsheets
Twitter feed

Question Title

* 6. To what extent do you agree with the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
I can find the information I’m looking for easily in the EFO
I can find the supplementary data to the EFO easily on the website
It’s useful to have the whole of the EFO published in a single document
The structure of the EFO is easy to follow
The style of writing in the EFO is easy to understand
The charts and tables are easy to understand
The technical content in the EFO is easy to understand
I value the breadth of topics the EFO analyses
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