21 - 22  December 2017

* 1. Pupil's name (first name and surname)

* 2. Pupil's age when the course takes place

* 3. Pupil's school

* 4. Any medical conditions or medication being taken that we should be aware of in case of a medical issue?

* 5. Where does the participant have their guitar lessons?

* 6. Who is the participants guitar teacher

* 8. How long have you been learning this instrument?

* 9. What is the participant's ability?

* 10. Will the participant be bringing their own guitar to the course?

* 11. Does the participant play as a part of any ensembles at the moment? If so please name them.

* 12. Parent/Carer name

* 13. Parent/Carer emergency contact phone number

* 14. Parent/carer email address

* 15. I give permission for photographs/video of the participant to be taken which may be used in external publicity (now and in the future), on Berkshire Maestros website/social media and in the press and other publicity material.

* 16. How did you find out about this course?

* 17. I agree to you using my e-mail address to contact me: