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As a Practice we aim to provide the best care we can with the limited resources that we have.
By completing this survey, you can guide us to make changes where we can.
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We value your feedback, especially any extra information that you include in the comments boxes. This gives us the detail that we need to make the changes that you suggest.

This information is all confidential and anonymous.

The NHS asks us to ask you certain questions about you to help monitor who is filling in the survey. 

The NHS hopes that we have answers from a broad range of people to help represent everyone on our list.

This survey is to help you to let us know about the things we can do to help improve your experience.
Please be realistic though in your responses about the things that we can change and the things that we cannot change - either because we do not have enough money or people or because we do not have the control of the systems and services. We are often as frustrated as you are about the big things that we cannot change - so we are keen to focus on the things that we can.
For example, things that we would like - that we know you would like... but unless we are given new additional resources are simply currently not possible...
  • New building with modern facilities - we need appropriate land, planning permission and substantial new funding.  None of these are currently available to us.  We are at near 100% usage of our available clinical and administrative space.
  • Better parking - as above
  • More Practice Nurses - (there is a national shortage)
  • More GPs - (there is a national shortage)
  • Longer opening hours - we do not have the resources or staff to cover this at the moment in part due to needing to operate out of two small sites.
  • Shorter phone waits - we are regularly tweaking the phone system.
  • Shorter waits for routine appointments with GPs - we monitor and review the mix of on-the-day and advance booking on a weekly basis to try to balance access for all needs.  In Winter this is especially tricky given the increase usage of our services.
  • More nursing appointments - we are trying to recruit more nurse hours with the mix of skills needed to provide a broad range of services
  • We would like to resume travel clinic services however due to the capacity of our nursing team at the moment we need to prioritise patients who are actively unwell and need medical treatment.  As soon as we are able we will resume this service
  • More services - we are currently running at near 100% space capacity every day so we do not have the physical space to employ any addition staff to provide new services.  We are exploring options though to see how we could collaborate and partner with other local organisations to help with this in future. 
How you can help...
Let us know what small things might make a big difference.

We do respond to feedback wherever and whenever we are able.

We do listen and within our resources, we will continue to work to improve our services to support your care in the ways that you need.

Thank you

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