The team at North East England want to make sure that the programme of events on offer is what people want.  To help with future planning it would be really useful if you could tell us a few things about why you chose not to book onto an event today.

* 1. Where are you (town/city)

* 2. Which event were you looking at today?

* 3. What was it specifically that made you click through to view the details of this event?

* 4. What was it that made you decide not to book on this event?

Thank you.  If you have any further comments to make or would like to tell us about something we have not asked in this survey please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing

* 5. If you would like us to contact you in relation to any of your comments please enter an email address (this will only be used for the purpose of this questionnaire and will be deleted afterwards)