Thank you for taking this short survey of just seven questions to tell us if you are already working on virtual reality or augmented reality production projects, or might be doing so soon, and which areas of VR/AR content production you would like to know more about.

The Foundry team

* 1. What type of work do you (or the company you work for) primarily do?

* 2. What best describes your role?

* 3. How many artists are currently in your company?

* 4. Tell us about your exposure to Virtual Reality (VR) and/or Augmented Reality (AR) production by indicating how many projects you have been involved with.

Virtual reality (or VR) means a head-mounted immersive display that fills your vision with video or fully rendered imagery, such that the viewed experience becomes your reality.
Augmented or mixed reality (or AR) means a head-mounted display or mobile device screen that captures your view of the real world using cameras, and adds visual effects and other imagery on top of or into it, such that the new viewed experience is a mix of reality and rendered imagery.

  Completed Working on now See coming soon (within one year) See coming later (more than one year)
VR – 360-degree video (panoramic or spherical)
VR – fully rendered and interactive
AR – for mobile devices
AR – for headsets

* 5. If you have completed virtual reality (VR) production projects, how were they distributed?

* 6. Which statement reflects your/your company’s strategy on VR/AR

* 7. Please evaluate your knowledge on the following topics

  No knowledge Some knowledge Knowledge & experience Expert
Planning VR content
Filming VR content
Stitching VR content
Adding CG elements to VR content
Binaural/360 Sound
Organizing and editing VR content
Commercializing VR content