Thank you for your interest in the bandstand for Coventry's War Memorial Park.

The Friends of the War Memorial Park have been working towards erecting a permanent bandstand in our beautiful park.  As well as being a venue for visiting brass bands, we want a space that can be used for other events, both musical and non-musical.

We have already had a lot of support from the public, Coventry City Council, Coventry University and others.  With your help, we have now shortlisted four design concepts.  We are now looking for your views to help us focus on one concept which we will develop and seek funding for.

We have two modern concepts and two traditional concepts on which we would like your thoughts.

The modern concepts are two of twenty one imaginative designs produced for us by Coventry University Students.  The two traditional designs were selected from a wide range of styles which have previously been implemented around the UK.

Rather than only choosing one design, what we would like is to get an understanding of your preferences.  For each of the four designs, we would therefore like an indication whether it is a concept that you strongly like, like, dislike or strongly dislike.

Whichever concept is chosen, it will need some development to make it useful, practical and suitable for our park.  It will also have to be compliant with current rules and regulations.  That said, the intent is that what you see is close to what you will get.

So please spare us a few minutes of your time to let us have your views.

Thank you for your support.

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