University module contribution

Pact is currently undertaking a project to design a university module which will be embedded within a media degree/diploma.  A module which will be focused on teaching students how the world of the ever-changing TV industry works.  The aim of the project is to align qualifications with industry practice, and to prepare and help the future generation of talent enter the TV industry.

In order for us to help with this process we are creating a directory of companies and individuals who are prepared to get involved with their local universities.  Industry interaction is vital - no matter how little you are able to commit.  Below is a brief questionnaire to help us assess whether you are willing to help and to what level.
 The support you give could be as simple as doing the odd talk, site visits, workshops or taking on interns.  Everything counts towards industry support and equally as important.
the details collected within this survey will be used to create a directory as part of the module we provide to the universities.  Universities will be able to see at a glance who the industry experts are in their area, the genre or specialism they work in as well as the areas that you have stated you can commit to (subject to your availability on their request)
We will also contact you directly to supply a headshot to add to your profile.
Thanks in advance for your valuable support.
Dawn McCarthy-Simpson MBE

* 2. Company name?

* 3. Where are you based (UK region) or what regions you are happy to provide support?

* 4. Your name?

* 5. Your email address?

* 6. your website?

* 7. What areas are you able to provide support?

  Lectures/talks Workshops accommodation site visits Internship work experience Other
please selection from the below - you can select more than one

* 8. How much time are you able to commit?  this does not commit you to anything -  but it helps the university to have a sense of your availability.  In some cases the university will offer a daily fee for your contribution (not available from all)

  1-3  times per year 3-5 times per year 5-8 times per year 8-10 times per year 10 plus
please select

* 9. What genre do you have experience in?

  drama docs entertainment fact ent & reality natural history digital & interactive formats animation live action feature films other
tick relevant

* 10. What areas do you have experience in?

  Exports Co-production Formats budgets IP licensing script writing producer/director business affairs branded content IP copyright Other
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* 11. About you - your brief experience or specialism?

* 12. About your company - what is your company famous for, what genre do you specialise in?

* 13. Do you have any further comments?