Dear Patients of Levenside Medical Practice.

My name is Katie Bloor, and I am a 3rd Year Medical Student from the University of Glasgow, currently on placement at Levenside Medical Practice. During my time here, I will be conducting a Patient Satisfaction questionnaire, in order to obtain information regarding how happy patients are with the care they are receiving at Levenside. The Questionnaire should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete, and will provide extremely helpful feedback for the Practice. This survey is anonymous.
Kindest Regards,
Katie Bloor

* 1. How long have you been a patient of Levenside Medical Practice?

* 2. Have you transferred from Dr. David Neilson and Dr. Claire McGonagle's Practice?

* 3. In the last 6 months, how many times did you visit Levenside Medical Practice?

* 4. In the last 6 months, did you phone Levenside Medical Practice to get an emergency appointment?

* 5. If Yes to Question 4, were you seen quickly?

* 6. In the last 6 months, did you make any appointments for a routine check up at Levenside Practice? (This includes appointments with Health Care Assistants, Practice Nurses, GPs).

* 7. If Yes to Question 6, were you given a suitable appointment?

* 8. During your visits to Levenside Medical Practice, were receptionists able to help with your questions and appointment bookings, in a polite and efficient manner?

* 9. Since August 2017, have you noticed a change in the waiting times, at the time of booking the appointments, for all health care providers? (Health Care Assitants, Practice Nurses, GP)

* 10. During your visits at Levenside Medical Practice, did your Health Care Provider (Health Care Assitants, Practice Nurses, GP), listen carefully, and explain things in a way that was easy to understand?

* 11. During your appointments at Levenside Medical Practice, did your healthcare providers (Health Care Assitants, Practice Nurses, GP), have access to, and know the important information about your medical history?

* 12. During your appointments at Levenside Practice, was your healthcare provider (Health Care Assitants, Practice Nurses, GP) able to spend enough time with you?

* 13. Were you satisfied with your clinical consultations?

* 14. Using the number 0-10, where 0 is the worst provider and 10 is the best provider, what number would you use to rate Levenside Medical Practice?

* 15. Would you Recommend Levenside Medical Practice to your friends and Family?

* 16. If No to Question 15, please specify your reason.

* 17. Overall, how would you rate Levenside Medical Practice?

* 18. Do you have any other comments about the service or care you are receiving at Levenside Medical Practice?