Please complete the below form to register for a Teme Leisure Community Card which will allow you to book for Swim, Gym or classes at our Centres on a pay as you go basis.

Once completed you will be emailed your membership card number which you can then use to register for our online booking site where you will be able to make bookings and pay online for your sessions. Your membership Card will then be available for collection at the Centre when you visit. You will not be able to check-in or use the facilities without your membership card

There is a £2 fee for your membership card 

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* 1. Which Teme centre do you use?

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* 2. Please complete your personal details below

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* 6. Health Commitment Statement
Your Health is your Responsibility. Exercise carries its own risk, and you should therefore never exercise beyond your ability. If you have any doubts as to your fitness, or you have any medical conditions that may affect your safety through exercise, you should seek advice from your doctor before partaking in the activity.

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* 7. By completing this form you agree to not booking any sessions within the Gym or Functional Training Room without receiving an Induction beforehand

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* 8. By completing this form you agree to the following:

·  Follow all signage, staff guidance & procedures

· Ensure equipment used is cleaned down before & after use 

· Observe the fitness facility etiquette and demonstrate courtesy towards others in the facility at all times, including allowing adequate social distancing to other users and staff 

· Wear proper training attire at all times including training shoes. NO jeans or workday clothes 

· Your access to the centre can be terminated at any time if you are found to misuse any equipment or facilities.

· Report and injuries to staff on-site

· Tobacco, food, glass bottles, and cans are not allowed within workout areas. Plastic Water Bottles are acceptable

· Respond to any alarms/evacuation procedures & respond to staff accordingly 

·  You understand you are working out at your own risk

·  You agree not to attend the centre if you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms.

·  You give permission for us to contact you via government track and trace in the event of a confirmed Covid-19 case on site

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* 9. Please tick below if you would like to be added to the following mailing lists

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* 10. Have you Downloaded the Teme Leisure FREE App

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* 11. Thank you for completing this form. We will email you with your membership number within 48hrs . If you require instant access please complete this online form then call the centre 01584 874620 where staff can inform you of details you will require to book online. If you have any issues please email or pop a comment below.