Healthwatch Lincolnshire is investigating if ‘where people live affects their health’.

Health related housing issues in Lincolnshire may include physical health, mental health or just your general wellbeing and happiness and can cost the NHS up to £2 billion per year (Kings Fund 2016)1.

Does the property you live in generate problems and issues that you then find difficult to cope with?

Problems can include such things as being unable to keep warm because of inadequate heating or poor insulation; mould in one or more rooms; your home being too big or small for your needs but you are unable to move; you have nuisance neighbours or feel very isolated because of where you live.

Your feedback will be used to influence part of a new Lincolnshire wide Housing Strategy being developed by Lincolnshire County Council, in partnership with the District Councils.  We may also carry out a further piece of work to do a more in depth investigation into one or more of the outcomes from this survey.

* 1. Does the property you live in effect your physical or mental health and well-being?