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This survey has been initiated by Canney Communities (CIC: 12175326), which is a Community Interest Company, working for the benefit of the community and particularly disabled people and their families in the Bishop Auckland area through the promotion of Community Led Housing.

The project will actively involve local people who have a need for accessible, adaptable housing. Canney Communities is aiming to meet the housing needs of disabled people and their families regardless of age, disability or impairment and is keen to prioritise the needs of young disabled people to live independently.

This survey will help provide us with essential guidance on the current housing opportunities and needs, helping the community to resist plans for development on inappropriate sites, but supporting development of the right type and in the right places.

The lack of appropriate housing for many people is often in the news and disabled people and their families, in particular, often find it very difficult to find a home to meet their needs. A recent report said only 7% of homes offer minimal accessibility features and around 365,000 disabled people have unmet housing needs in England.

Canney Communities are aiming to work with a local housing association to develop 10 to 15 new homes on a small site at the top of Durham Road, close to the Canney Hill roundabout, overlooking the A688 bypass. A mix of accessible 2 -3 bed bungalows and possibly 3-4 bed family homes could be developed depending on the needs identified by this survey.

Canney Communities is aiming to find out what local people’s needs are in, and around, Bishop Auckland in addition to including the views from communities of need.

Your views are very important to us and we would be very grateful if you would help us by completing this survey. To thank you for your time everyone who replies and leaves their contact details will be included in a draw to win one of 10 shopping vouchers worth £10.

If you have any queries about this survey or want to complete the survey over the telephone, please telephone on 01388 742053 or email

Many thanks for your participation.

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