This questionnaire aims to understand the things that would help your children be physically active at home. When we talk about ‘your children’, we are referring to the children in your home that you are responsible for. When we talk about ‘physical activity’, what we really mean is anything you do that makes you sweaty, out of breath or your legs might feel tired, so inside your home this could be playing in the garden, doing an exercise video, doing household jobs.

It usually takes around 5 minutes to complete. Your answers will help us understand how we can help you to support your children to be more physically active at home.            

Please answer these questions as best as you can. It is not a test so there are no right or wrong answers. We want to know what you think. If you do not want to answer a question you can miss it out. Your answers will not be shown to anyone that you know and it will not be possible to identify you.

Thank you!