Standon Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Business Survey 2015

Survey for Standon Parish Businesses

* 1. Name and postcode of the business

* 2. Contact name

Not required but helpful. It will NEVER be published

* 3. How would you classify this business?

* 4. What best describes your business?

* 5. A VERY brief description of the service or product the business offers. Please specify

* 6. Approx. how many people in total does the business employ in the Parish?

* 7. How many are based in the Parish?

* 8. How many live outside the Parish but work in the Parish?

* 9. How many employees who work for the business live in Standon Parish?

Please count both full-time and part-time employees.

* 10. What is the age group of your employees?

* 11. How many Men?

* 12. How many Women?

* 13. Have you recruited an apprentice/work experience placement in the last 12 months? Please tick one choice

* 14. What accommodation do they live in?

* 15. How do they travel to work?

* 16. If the business is based in Standon Parish approximately how many years has it been here?

* 17. Does your business trade:
Tick all that apply

* 18. How important is the internet to your business?

* 19. How does the quality of this aspect of Standon Parish infrastructure affect your business?

  Rarely a problem Occasionally a problem Often a problem
Water supply / pressure
Drainage or sewage
Gas supply
Mobile reception
Internet speed or reliability
Parking  for employees or customers
Ease of travel to your business
Public transport

* 20. If your business is based in Standon Parish to what extent might the following be an issue for its expansion?

  Not likely to be a problem Likely to be a problem Very likely to be a problem
Lack of appropriate premises
Lack of land to expand existing business premises.
Lack of adequate transport infrastructure

* 21. Would your business benefit from a policy that promotes working from home?

* 22. What ONE thing would make Standon parish more attractive to YOUR business?

* 23. Are there additional business services that you would like to see available in Standon Parish? If so - what are they?

* 24. Which of these would you use to find out what's happening in Standon Parish

* 25. What would you consider the best option to help Parking on Standon High Street?

* 26. Would you support additional car parking in or around Standon, Puckeridge, Colliers End and main routes

* 27. Please use this space for any additional views you may like to make on the local economy or planning issues that affect businesses in the area

* 28. Please use this space for any other comments you wish to make