* 1. Which year group and form are you in?

* 2. Are you male or female?

* 3. What do you think is meant by the term 'Independent Learning?'

* 4. Which quality do you think is MOST important in becoming an Independent Learner.  You can also add additional qualities into the comment box.

* 5. Which area in the school encourages you most to learn independently?

* 6. What prevents you from being an Independent learner?  For example: time, space, motivation..

* 7. What could your teacher/other adult do to encourage you to be a more independent learner?

* 8. Have you participated in an independent enrichment activity this year?  For example, First Story, The Brilliant Club, Aim to Attain.  Please detail below:

* 9. How would you rate this experience (5 stars = excellent)

* 10. How has this experience helped you to engage in school life and our school community?

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