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* 1. Please answer the following questions with 1 - being the least true to 5 being the most true.

  Not at all true Somewhat true Very true
1. I feel like I can make a lot of inputs to deciding how I {perform task}
2. I really like the people I interact with here
3. I do not feel very competent when I {perform activity}
4. People at {activity} tell me I am good at what I do
5. I feel pressured when I {perform activity / are in a location e.g. work}
6. I get along with people at work
7. I pretty much keep to myself when I {perform task}
8. I am free to express my ideas and opinions here
9. I consider the people I interact with here to be my friends
10. I have been able to learn interesting new skills here recently
11. I am frequently told what to do here
12. Most days I feel a sense of accomplishment
13. My feelings are taken into consideration {here}
14. I don't get much of a chance to show how capable I am
15. People here care about me
16. There are not many people here I am close to
17. I feel I can pretty much be myself here
18. The people here do not seem to like me much
19. I often do not feel very capable here
20. There is not much opportunity for me to decide for myself what to do
21. People here are friendly towards me
Create 3 separate metrics from the answers above. 

Separate the answers to the questions above into 3 separate categories (remember to REVERSE the scores from any question with an 'R" beside it). 

Competency: 3(R), 4, 10, 12, 14(R), 19(R)
Autonomy: 1, 5, 8, 11(R), 13, 17, 20(R)
Relatedness: 2, 6, 7(R), 9, 15, 16(R), 18(R), 21

Now average each of them into a score out of 5. 

Question Title

* 2. test question

  1 2 3 4 5
question 1
question 2
question 3