1. Camden Disability Action/Camden Centre for Independent Living questions for deaf and disabled people

Hello! My name is Tom McDonough. I work as an

Engagement Officer for a charity called Camden Disability

Action (CDA). CDA is based at the Greenwood Centre in Kentish Town. I

have written this questionnaire because I want to find out

what services or issues deaf and disabled people in

Camden are most concerned about.

Question Title

* 1. Are you deaf or disabled?

(If you're not sure what disabled means, please go to the end of the questionnaire to read an explanation.)

Question Title

* 2. Do live or work in Camden?

Question Title

* 3. What problems or services are you most concerned about? 

They could be Camden Council services (like housing,

libraries, parks, rubbish collection or social care) or other

things like a health issue or a Government service (like GP

services, benefits, jobs or transport).

Please say what things you are most, second most and third most unhappy about. 

  Transport (e.g. buses, roads, tubes, trains) Benefits (e.g. disability benefits, Universal Credit, pensions) Anti-social behaviour (e.g. such as dog fouling, littering, noise, cycling on the pavement) Crime issues (e.g. burglary, muggings, stabbings, lack of police, scamming, hate crime) Pollution  Employment (e.g. lack of jobs, lack of support in jobs, low paid jobs) Social care (e.g. care calls for disabled people, social care assessments) Access to gyms and other leisure venues  Loneliness  Education (e.g. not good enough education for disabled people) Housing (e.g. home repairs, appropriate places to live)
Most important 
Second most important issue
Third most important

Question Title

* 4. Can you tell me more about the issue you are most

concerned about?

For example, why you are concerned about it and what you

think should be 
done about it.

Question Title

* 5. Contact information

If you would like me to contact you later on to talk about how this work is 

going and involve you in the next stages of the work, please give your name 

and contact details below (we will keep this information in a secure place and 

will not let anyone outside CDA see it without your permission).

Question Title

* 6. Communication

How would you like me to communicate with you? 

For example do you prefer email, phone, letter or text? And 

do you need extra-large font or text-to-speech? 

About Disability

Sometimes people aren’t sure if they have a disability or not so it might help to think about the definition

of disability in the Equality Act 2010. This says that you have a disability if you have a physical or mental

impairment that has a ‘substantial’ ‘adverse’ and ‘long term’ (at least one year) negative effect on your

ability to do normal daily activities. This questionnaire is for people who are deaf or disabled.

About this questionnaire

Once I have found out what issues people are most

concerned about, I will work together with deaf and 

disabled people to pick the most important problem of all.

We will then work with Camden Council to carry out a

project to tackle that problem.

The aims of this work are to improve the way Camden

council communicates with deaf and disabled people and

to improve local services for deaf and disabled people. I

will keep talking to deaf and disabled people throughout

the life of this piece of work.

Thank you for your time!
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