RSM PACEC has been appointed on behalf of a consortium of BBSRC Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBBs) (Biocatnet, CBMNet, C1Net and P2P) to undertake a Landscape Report on the future of IBBE in the UK.

As part of this report, we are seeking to map the strengths and weaknesses of the UK Industrial Biotechnology sector. For clarity, Industrial Biotechnology (IB) is a set of cross-disciplinary technologies that use biological resources for producing and processing materials and chemicals for non-food applications. These resources can be derived from the tissues, enzymes and genes of plants, algae, marine life, fungi and micro-organisms.

IB is recognised by BBSRC and UK Government as a strategic priority area to support the UK to become a low carbon economy, as well as being recognised as a key area for UK exports (BEIS).

If you have any queries or would you like to know more about this research, please do not hesitate to get in touch with RSM Project Manager Jonathan Hobson ( or RSM Senior Consultant Sam Donaldson (

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