Dartington Neighbourhood Plan consultation

The draft information related to this consultation was displayed at the drop in consultation event in Dartington on 25/3/17 and is also on the website: www.dartingtonnp.wordpress.com. You will need to have looked at this information to be able to answer the questions in this survey. This is the last consultation before we produce a formal Draft version of the Neighbourhood Plan so it's important we know your views.  Information you give here will be used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan and will not be shared with third parties. Thanks for taking part!

* 1. Do you agree with the Vision for the Neighbourhood Plan?

* 2. Do you agree with the Neighbourhood Plan Central Themes of Community Environment Innovation?

* 3. What should we say about Innovation? Please use the box below for comments.

* 4. Do you agree with the priorities identified in the Open Space Sport and Recreation (OSSR) Strategy?

* 5. What  priorities for any future funding should the OSSR identify? Please make suggestions in the box below.

* 6. The final wording of the policies has not been agreed yet, but do you understand what they intend to achieve and do you agree with the intention?

* 7. Specific Policy questions:
Policy H1 refers to Affordable Housing in perpetuity which legislation indicates may not be possible. How should this policy aim to ensure deliverable Affordable Housing?

Policy En2 refers to the gap between Dartington and Totnes. Do you agree with this and if so what land should be kept free from development? Please comment in the boxes below.

* 8. The Postern/Schumacher College site on the DHT estate is not currently allocated in the JLP for any development. We could choose to include the site in the NP. Do you think we should?

* 9. Are there any other comments you would like to make?

* 10. Do you live in Dartington parish?