Tell us what you think of our priorities for the East Lothian IJB Strategic Plan

The draft Strategic Plan will set out the next stage of development for East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership in the delivery of all of its services to improve quality and service-user outcomes and to reflect local need, local priorities and national and local policies, strategies and action plans.  The plan also needs to be flexible enough to make necessary changes, including reprioritisation to reflect changes in local and national policy and in local demand and need. 

We are opening a consultation on the draft plan and we would really appreciate your help. Please fill in the following short questionnaire to let us know what you think of the priorities that we have identified. We'd also like to hear from you about anything else you think we should include as a priority.

We will use the feedback you give us today to inform a more detailed draft which we will circulate early in 2019.

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* 1. We have set out our strategic objectives for 2019-22 below.  Please rank them to show us which are the most important to you. 1 = Most Important; 9 = Least Important

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* 2. Please tell us if there is anything else that you think should be a priority for health and social care.

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* 3. Stemming from the strategic objectives that we set out in question 1, we have identified six local priorities that we want to focus on between 2019 and 2022.  They are:
  • Primary Care
  • Adults with Complex Needs
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Shifting the Balance of Care
  • Reprovision Programmes
  • Carers.
Do you think our priorities are right?

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* 4. Golden threads

As well as the six strategic priority areas, we have what we call ‘golden threads’. These are cross-cutting themes that fall into every strategic remit and include:
  • early intervention and prevention
  • carers' needs
  • Self-Directed Support (SDS) rights
  • tackling health inequalities
  • re-ablement/recovery
  • needs of people with dementia
  • health promotion
  • community justice
  • tackling social isolation.
Please tell if you think we've got this right.

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* 5. A bit about you

You don't have to answer these questions but it is really helpful if you do.