* 1. How would you describe your property?

* 2. What is the tenure of your home?

* 3. Please indicate what type of property this is:

* 4. How many bedrooms are in your home?

* 5. Which Town/Village do you currently live in?

* 6. How many years have you and your houseold lived here?

* 7. How many people live in this property?

* 8. What type of household are you?

* 9. Please tell us about those living in the property at present please include, age, gender and

* 10. Does anyone at your current home suffer from any physical disability ?

* 11. Has anyone from your family moved away from the local area in the last 5 years, due to difficulties   in finding a suitable home locally ( Family means your children, parents and siblings)

* 12. If you answered yes to question 11 please give the reason why:

* 13. Does everyone living in this property need to move together from this property now or in the next
5 years?

* 14. Is there anyone living with you who needs to move to alternative accommodation now or in the next 5 years